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In the recent years there has been amazing advances in home based technology and these advances triggered the need to look at cabling systems that see far beyond present day requirements. Already most homes will have more than one TV in some cases two or three. Add to this Home Theatres, Plasma Screens, DVD player, Cable Services, Satellite, Internet, Multimedia PCs, etc.

Current cabling systems are no longer sufficient. Anyone considering building a new home needs to look at options available to insure that their new home is future ready, and able to meet the demands of today's modern world.

TV (Video), Data, and Phone

TV/Video Distribution

Apart from free-to-air TV, Pay TV and three other sources eg. DVD player VCR and Security camera can be connected to the system. This will allow viewing of any of these from any TV point in your home.
An example of this set up would be as follows:

Channel 1 SBS (FTA)
Channel 2 ABC (FTA)
Channel 3 Channel 31 (FTA)
Channel 4 DVD
Channel 5 VCR
Channel 6 Security Camera
Channel 7 HSV 7 (FTA)
Channel 8 Pay TV
Channel 9 Channel 9 (FTA)
Channel 10 Channel 10 (FTA)

Note: (FTA) indicates channels available free to air.

Phone and Computer Network

This system replaces conventional phone cabling, which generally is connected from outlet to outlet originating from your service provider entry point.

With this option all phone sockets are cabled separately and terminated within an enclosure. Data sockets are also located in each room allowing for installation of a data network for connection of computers and printers within the home.

The advantages of this system are that from this enclosure data and phone cables can be utilised for either service if changes are needed. Cabling will accommodate multiple phone lines which can be managed using a phone distribution hub (PABX) that can be added in the future for the growing family when multiple handsets and inter-room communication is required.

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