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Imagine a security system that can not only monitor for intruders but also do things for you as well. Things like opening doors, turning on lights, heating and cooling even taking care of your garden sprinklers.

State of the art control systems that utilize infrared motion detectors to follow movements around your home, light sensors to know when it's night or day, it can even call you on your mobile if there is an alarm condition or somebody at the front door.

The system will talk to you in a female voice and you can respond via your phone keys, you can be anywhere in the world but still control all functions from your phone.

Security Camera

From the Comfort Intelligent Security panel functions can be expanded to communicate with a variety of independent systems such as intelligent lighting, home theatre, audio and video components and even control pool and spa equipment. It can receive information from sensors that measure temperature, light, wind and rain.


Security cameras can be part of your TV / video distribution network. Camera picture can be accessed from any TV in the home.


The Comfort Intelligent Security System includes your front door/gate intercom, that can be integrated in your internal phone network (accessible from each phone in the home). And if you are at the office or on holiday your system can allow you to answer your front door intercom from your telephone or mobile.

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