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What is home automation? Automating your homes means that many different systems and products can be combined and operated from a central controller or a network of several control points.

A good starting point for any automated home is smart cabling. It is essential to have adequate cabling installed to provide maximum connect ability for both current and future systems. A good smart cabling system does just that by insuring that all your data communication and video needs are met.

Another important consideration for today’s modern home is a reliable security system, and whilst home security these days is quite common intelligent security is only just emerging as the way of the future. These systems do a lot more than just arm and disarm and sound a siren to alert of an intruder, but more importantly they form an integral part of home automation.

One of the things we depend on most in our home is lighting, without it our house would feel lifeless and our day to day lives would be very different. The control of our lights is also becoming more and more important, for convenience as well as providing different moods settings. To experience ultimate lighting control, a management system such as the Clipsal C-Bus can be implemented to greatly expand our automation possibilities.

Now our intelligent security system can also be integrated with our lighting providing a much more powerful system, you could also install motorised blinds or curtains, which can also be managed by C-Bus.

Audio distribution is also fast becoming an important consideration when building a new home, and rather than just having a few speakers here and there, multi room audio has been realised as a far more practical solution.

With this kind of system each room becomes its own independently controlled zone and whilst being a fully functional stand alone system, it too can be integrated into home automation. And if you’re wondering why would I need to do that? Then imagine coming home disarming your security and having your favourite music playing through your house to welcome you home, and when your leaving, the system will shut down automatically.

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Another popular addition to the modern home is a home cinema, and with the many options in audio visual equipment available this room itself can be quite complicated to control. With the level of integration available through current automation technology your home theater can easily be incorporated into your home system.

Integrating all this components has left us with one last discission, how do I control all of this easily. Whilst home automation can be managed via your telephone, security keypads, or your C-Bus light switches wouldn’t it be better having a single user platform?

A colour touch screen is the perfect solution, as well as managing all functions a visual display in real time gives you the ultimate in control, scheduling and even internet access. Home control at the touch of your finger, now that's a truly automated home!

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