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Building your dream home is perhaps not a simple task as most would originally believe. There are certainly many issues that will arise that at first may seem too complex to resolve, and one of these is making sure your home is future ready. What does that mean exactly? There has been much hype about that very thing, but understanding the implications of either addressing this issue, or not is perhaps a little more difficult.

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Being future ready at the very least is to incorporate some level of smart cabling in your home. These cabling systems provide data, phone and video networks that give you flexibility to manage a growing family unlike conventional cabling methods that do not.

If you want to have more of the future now then installing intelligent security is a way to do just that, These systems are able to do more than just warn you of intruders, they can also manage other devices such as heating, cooling or even lighting, greatly improving your lifestyle.

Imagine having a home that automatically turns on lights, air conditioning, even music for you as you arrive, motorised blinds and curtains can also be installed providing even more comfort and convenience.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, your whole home can be controlled from a single user platform, which could be a wall mounted touch screen or perhaps a wireless tablet or pocket PC. Of course most of these functions can be managed from your mobile telephone or the internet.

What ever level of automation or electronic system you require wether you are interested in intelligent security, smart cabling, lighting control, multi room audio or home cinema, Architectural Electronic Systems can help you. We will customise a system that is tailored to suit your home and most importantly, your budget.

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