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Architectural Electronic Systems specialise in total integration solutions covering all types of installations from structured cabling, audio distribution, including home cinema, to lighting management systems such as Clipsal C-Bus. This extends to more sophisticated installations, which in addition incorporate fully automated control systems and intelligent security.

Like many custom installers our experience stems from the electronic and audio fields, but we have the advantage of comprehensive experience also within the electrical and building industries. The combination of these gives us the edge to fully understand the implications associated with each project, and provides us with the capacity to offer total system integration that is seamless and without compromise.

We can provide project management for the integration of electrical, electronic, data and communications as well as installation, from cabling through to completion. We can offer consulting and design, which include job specifications that are ready to implement in your next project.

We will work closely with all those involved with relative works to insure that each project is completed to the satisfaction of the client, and of course the builder and architect. Architectural Electronic Systems are your essential partner when ever you need total integration solutions.

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